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forniture per parrucchieri personalizzate


forniture parrucchieri personalizzate


A product without a brand is a lifeless object: by applying your own trade-mark to the product we give it a soul and let it express the history and identity of your brand.
forniture per parrucchieri personalizzate nei colori


It’s through colours that a product shows its personality. That’s why we offer a wide range of colours providing all kinds of options based on your tastes and preferences.
phon per parrucchieri brandizzati


Functionality and aesthetics: the quality of a product is based on these parameters. We take into account your own needs and tastes to create items with different performances according to your market needs.
packaging personalizzato per parrucchieri


The saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply in the marketing field. A product’s packaging is how a company introduces itself to the end customer and must fully express the brand image. This is why we can customise the packaging according to your requests, or we’ll create the graphics ourselves with the help of graphic designers and fashion experts.
libretto d'uso phon per parrucchieri


The handbook is not only a technical document; by describing the method of use and the technical characteristics of the product, it enhances its value and gives the company a certain prestige, strengthening its image in the eyes of the end customer. This is why we always add the customer’s name to the handbook, thus providing another useful tool for customisation and an increase in brand awareness.
certificazioni di qualità


The value of a product must always be demonstrated, and the best way to do so is through specific documents. We already have certificates that prove the efficiency of our products, but if you need further certifications for business reasons, we can obtain these on request.
trasporto forniture per parrucchieri


Our customisation service isn’t only about the creation and packaging of products: we also pay great attention to ensure that they always arrive safely at their destination and in perfect condition: if requested, we can take care of the shipping and the customs duties, too.
assistenza post vendita


Our idea of customisation is not just limited to aspects regarding the product; it has to involve the entire service from start to finish. So we’ll be available even in the after-sales period to supply your company with quality spare parts for all kinds of repairs.