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More than words, facts can guarantee for us.

Our philosophy is: truth from facts, we are what we do. When I talk to my customers - explains Daniele Focante, Export Manager - I always give my business card and then I invite them to visit Tecno Elettra, our real business card presentation. Having gained the trust of our customers over the years is our greatest achievement, and it confirms our commitment and our reliability, as people and as a company. Over the years, hard work and customer focus have allowed the company to grow and stabilize in the global market.



Tecno Elettra was founded in 1982. The aim was to develop an Italian manufacturing company, with the tradition of handmade products on an industrial scale, to expand the quality of Made in Italy around the world. This ambitious goal has been reached over time, creating new models each year with increased technology and attention to details typical of Italian craftsmanship. As the company expanded, investments were made in the R&D and Quality Control Area, and many international certifications were added to the Tecno Elettra portfolio, allowing the company to sell products of excellence in different countries.
Nowadays Tecno Elettra has a wide range of products that have helped shape the history of the professional hairdryer and, with its 5 Products Line, different needs of the market can be met.

The 6000 line is a special source of company pride: a powerhouse of styling performance, it is a best-seller in many countries.
Its 2400-2500W for lightning-fast drying delivers unmatched power and heat, and advanced features together with premium components prevent any dangerous overheating.



The aim of Tecno Elettra is to strengthen and expand the distribution network, focusing on exclusive distributors/importers.
Through the years they have chosen to stand beside their customers and selected companies interested in exclusive contracts.

Honesty and client reliability on long-term projects are the ingredients that have allowed the company to grow together with their clients, making the Tecno Elettra brand a point of reference in the Middle East and especially in Europe.
Tecno Elettra also personalizes each and every product on demand and is actively seeking distributors in Asia and America. “The most important point for us – explains CEO Gilberto Fava – is to meet brands and managers who share the same characte- ristics: honesty, love of quality, and attention to end-client satisfaction.

For example, our traditional values of respect and attention for the individual are an incentive to continually seek new and truly sustainable solutions.
This is why all our hairdryers feature techno- logy that eliminates toxic electromagnetic fields, thereby protecting the operator and making all the workplace healthier.
Awareness, experience, and technology produce innovation that is good for man and meets his real needs.



The positivity we apply to every challenge day to day has always been oriented to developing something concrete and proactive,” Gilberto Fava adds. “Innovation and quality are concepts that are combined with professionalism and respect for our clients’ expectations, as we are fully aware of our fundamental values.

These same values are reflected in our products, in the processes, and in the organisation, capable of perfectly fulfilling the needs and special demands of the market in nearly every corner of the globe."