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Our history

The tradition of handmade products

Tecno Elettra was founded in 1982, as an italian manufacturer with the purpose of combining the tradition of hand-made products with large scale industrial production. this ambitious objective was achieved over time, with the drive for constant growth and development found in the determination and desire for continuous improvement, in a right mix of tradition, local culture, innovation research and quality.


Our present

Handmade quality for a global market

Over time, new models were created with the help of an increasing amount of technology combined with the attention to the details characteristic of italian workmanship and investments in research and development as well as quality control, together with numerous international certifications. all of this allowed tecno elettra to grow and consolidate its presence in several countries. today, tecno elettra makes available a wide range of excellence products that have become renowned in the field of professional hairdryers, and with its 5 product lines and a comprehensive customer satisfaction policy, the company is able to meet the different needs of the market.


Our approach to work:

The trust we create

The purpose of tecno elettra is to strengthen and expand its distribution network, focusing on exclusive distributors/importers. Over the years, we chose to walk side by side with our clients and we selected companies interested in long-term relationships with exclusive agreements. These policies allowed tecno elettra to grow together with its customers and to make the TE brand a solid and reliable trademark



  • More than 35 years of italian manufacturing experience
  • Exclusively professional products
  • Complete production chain and internal R&D
  • International profile together with innovation and tradition
  • International quality certificates
  • Worldwide presence
  • Private label services