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Alys Style Pro the newborn at Tecno Elettra

The new model, called Alys Style Pro, is the result of the relentless investment in research and development, a constant feature characterizing all products by tecno elettra.

Alys Style Pro is the result of years of technological innovation, research and development, and it covers an untouched power segment with reference to tecno elettra products.
2100w, a pioneering engine, 100% made in italy, ALYS style pro boasts amazing and reliable performances above the average during the whole life of the product, making end users save time and money. The buttons placed at the front are perfect whether you are right or left handed, and the ergonomic handle allows maximum control for any hairstyle.

The compact size and lightweight, together with the classic yet contemporary and trendy design, manageability and attention to the tiniest detail, make alys style pro the perfect answer to hairstylists’ needs, as well as the reference product in the professional hair dryers segment.